Program Overview

Founded in 1928, Academia Sinica is currently the most prestigious research institution in Taiwan. As an internationally known research institution, Academia Sinica houses more than one thousand researchers from Taiwan and abroad, most of them respected scholars in their fields, in thirty one institutes and research centers.

In 2002, Academia Sinica established the “Taiwan International Graduate Program” (TIGP), a Ph.D. granting program, in cooperation with some of the most prestigious national universities in Taiwan. The purpose of this program is to develop the pool of research manpower in the modern multidisciplinary fields that are important for the future economical and social development of Taiwan and to enhance the innovative potential and academic standards of research in these and related fields. Currently, it offers nine inter-disciplinary Ph.D. programs in physical sciences, applied sciences, engineering, biological and agricultural sciences, health and medical sciences, and humanities and social sciences.

The Molecular Medicine Program (MMP) is one of the nine programs offered under TIGP. The Ph.D. program of MMP is administered jointly by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica and the School of Life Science, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. The MMP program has over 100 faculty members with specific disciplines in both fundamental research and technological development. We have well-established collaboration with the research community throughout the various institutes of Academia Sinica as well as close ties with clinicians in major medical centers throughout Taiwan. The program is designed to offer specific trainings and research opportunities to Ph.D. students who are interested in working on the frontiers of biomedical sciences.