Areas of Research

The MMP program currently has over 100 faculty members whose research projects encompass both basic and clinically-oriented research related to human diseases, and can be broadly categorized into the following four fields:

 Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics
 Molecular and Cellular Basis of Gene Function
 Disease Mechanisms
 Medical Biotechnology


There are more than 100 faculty members actively participating in the education and research of the MMP Program. One of the major strengths of this Program is its rich diversity in various research disciplines. Such an intellectual environment nurtures our students with the necessary breadth of perspectives. In addition, it offers our students a high degree of flexibility in choosing their own fittest lab rotations, mentors, thesis committee members, and research collaborations. Frequent and friendly interactions in our MMP community are infra-structured by multiple mechanisms, including courses, weekly seminars, annual retreats, sports activities, and social events with a lot of international cuisine food, music and fun.


To prepare students for an exciting career in frontier biomedical research, the MMP program provides in-depth laboratory trainings, scientific courses, seminars, and forums involving outstanding invited speakers from aboard (e.g. Nobel laureates; members of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, ROC, etc.).
During their first year of study, graduate students in the MMP program will take two laboratory rotations and a multidisciplinary core course in preparation for advanced coursework in specific areas of interest. Various research groups spanning nearly every major field in biomedical sciences offer a variety of advanced courses. By selecting different combinations of advanced courses, graduate students have the flexibility to formulate an interdisciplinary education tailored to their individual interests and career objectives.

Credit Requirements

Students entering with a master’s degree have to complete at least 18 credits of professional and specialty courses (excluding 12 credits of doctoral thesis research).
Note: For students entering with a bachelor’s degree only, an additional 12 credits in formal courses is required for graduation.

Molecular Medicine3
Seminar in Molecular Medicine4
Laboratory Rotations2
Thesis Research12
Total Credits30

Required Courses

All graduate students in MMP are required to take the following courses as part of the core curriculum for the molecular medicine program. For more details on course description and course syllabus, please refer to the individual course links below:
Molecular Medicine (3 credits, 1st semester of the 1st year)
Seminar in Molecular Medicine (1 credit per semester, for a total of 4 credits within the first two years.)
Laboratory Rotations (1 credit each semester in the first year, total 2 credits. At least finish 1 rotation each semester)
Annual Progress Report (0 credit, every spring semesters, starting in the 3rd academic year.)
Research Ethics (0 credit, online course from NYMU, have to take and pass before QE.)
Thesis Research (12 credits)

How to Apply

The official admission application deadline for Fall Semester is February 1 . Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early.
TIGP now offers online application for all TIGP programs. To facilitate the application process, applicants are strongly recommended to submit their applications online.
To submit your applications online, please proceed to the TIGP online application portal below:
 Apply Online

Contact Us

For general enquiries of TIGP and application, please contact:

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For specific information concerning the MM program, please contact:

Coordinator: Dr. Dennis W. Hwang
Program Secretary: Rebecca Lee
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